For your Business

For your Business

Initial Setup

Initial setup is a quick and simple process online. You can either choose to do it yourself or our team can help you to get things set up, which typically takes less than one hour.

Embedding Voucher Sales Widget in your website

Our system will automatically provide you with a simple code snippet to embed in your website, so you can immediately start selling vouchers online. No complicated coding or tech required to start up.

Postal Fulfilment

If you opt for our postal fulfillment service, we will design a beautiful card together. Once your guests ordering a gift card online select the option to receive it by post, our system will automatically ask them for their postal address. Our fulfillment center will be then automatically notified and will directly dispatch the card the same day to your guest by registered post. We also go the extra mile and confirm receipt of the gift card via phone/email. No gift card gets lost.

Selling Vouchers

Apart from selling vouchers online, your team will also be able to sell vouchers directly via our portal or any PC / mobile device or through your own POS system or hotel management software.


We have an OpenAPI available, so your POS system, PMS system or Spa system can connect to our database to sell and redeem vouchers. No enhancements or adjustments required to your existing systems.

Redeeming Vouchers

When your guest makes a purchase, they can redeem their voucher at any outlet irrespective of where they bought it from. It can be also redeemed by your team via our portal by scanning the QR code or manually entering the number given.if integrated via our API, a gift card can be swiped via your POS terminal as well. The redemption rates naturally go up with so many ways available to redeem.


Using our online management portal, you can quickly and simply show details of all vouchers sold, unredeemed balances with detailed reporting. Numbers do matter and help make quick business decisions.


Our enterprise feature will enable you to link multiple businesses or outlets together for cross-redeeming and reporting of vouchers which are common across the whole group.

For your customers

Purchase Vouchers Online

When a customer is online and visits your website, they can choose to purchase a preset voucher or enter a specific value. They choose the delivery method and make payment through a credit card which goes directly via your merchant processor into your bank account. The recipient receives their voucher by email including the voucher number, the amount and the QR code. Later when they make a purchase, they can present the QR code or voucher number, so your team can simply redeem the voucher.

Purchase Voucher on premise

If your guest would like to purchase a voucher directly from you while they are on premise,your team can easily manage this directly via our portal or via your POS or Front Desk system if integrated via our OpenAPI.

Gift Card Redemption

When purchasing a voucher, if your customer chooses to receive a gift card by post, they will be asked to provide their postal address, upon which our fulfillment team will issue and send the voucher by registered post. When your guest makes a purchase, they simply present the gift card which can be swiped on your POS terminal for redemption.

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